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As long-time practitioners of personal injury law, we understand the apprehension many new clients feel when deciding whether to contact a San Diego personal injury attorney. However, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer may be the only way to correctly present your claim and then recover the financial devastation you incurred through no fault of your own. For more information about how a San Diego personal injury attorney can gain the best possible outcome for your case, call Phillips and Associates today.

San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Explains the Typical Timeline of a Case

San Diego Personal Injury AttorneyYour case begins when you first contact a San Diego personal injury attorney for help. At the first meeting, you will review the basic facts of what happened as well as the extent and nature of your injuries and resulting medical bills. Your San Diego personal injury attorney will ask for information about the potential defendant(s), the date of your accident, location of the incident and general information about your injury.

If you require medical attention, we work with a vast network of medical professionals and may be able to arrange medical care with no upfront costs to you. Once you have recovered from your injuries, or are declared permanent and stationary by your treating doctors, we can evaluate your case and offer the insurance company an opportunity to informally resolve your case without litigation. If the insurance company is fair and reasonable, you case may resolve. It they are not, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit. From there, your San Diego personal injury attorney will file a complaint presenting your facts, claims and financial damages. After Service of Process, the defendant will have 30 days to file his or her response and the case will then be on the Court timeline.

After the case is filed, your San Diego personal injury attorney will be in contact with the opposing attorney for purposes of engaging in the discovery process. As your personal injury attorney will explain further, the discovery process involves the mutual exchange of non-privileged information material to your case. This could include depositions or investigations by experts.

San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Will Help to Conclude Your Case

A vast majority of injury cases conclude through a mutual settlement. If your case cannot be settled, it will proceed to trial. At trial, the judge and jury will hear your evidence, as well as that of the defendant, to make a finding of liability. The jury will also affix a dollar amount to your injuries, which is known as the “verdict.”

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